A Reminder That Your Primary Source for Texas Primary News Is Still Dallas Attorney Michael Li

In recent weeks the back-and-forth over Texas's redistricting and the will-it-won't-it primary date has turned into a blur of legal briefs and oral arguments; seems that May 29 is the primary date now, so long, Super Tuesday. All of which you'd know if you follow Michael Li: The former Baker Botts attorney and current Obama fundraiser (or "bundler") and wing-ding-thrower has been maintaining the Texas Redistricting site throughout this battle over the boundaries. Why? "To make sure the redistricting process is as transparent and accessible as possible to the public," he writes.

Been meaning to call him for quite a while, since it became clear he was the go-to guy on the subject, and was reminded to do so this morning following his appearance in The New York Times, which recaps the latest doings down in San Antonio. When asked for his take, since he probably knows this stuff better than most, Li explains that this uncharted territory. "For 40 years, Texas has had lots of redistricting litigation," he says, "but there's never been a situation where the whole election process has been put in a state of suspended animation." Much like, say, the governor.

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