A "Texas Music Venue" And Other Wish List Items Found in Love Field Concession Bid Docs

Seems like only 10 months or so The Hottest Topic in Town was who'd get a crack at those Love Field concessions. And, sure, it seems so 2010, but only for those not paying attention. Because just a few days ago the city put out the request for proposals -- and the rules and regs for those interested in taking part are mighty thick docs (42 pages for those wanting the food and drink biz; 40 for those interested in the retail side), not counting assorted addenda.

I came across them while looking for something else today, and I've put both RFPs after the jump -- because, turns out, there's a meet-and-greet tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at the Dallas Convention Center for those considering submitting a bid, during which city staffers will be on hand to take questions. Per the docs: "Attendance is not mandatory. However, the City strongly encourages interested parties to attend the pre-proposal meeting." Bids are due May 4.

The docs are interesting even if you're not participating, if only because both offer a sneak peek at what the city's looking for in would-be vendors. Says the food-n-wine RFP, the city wants amongst its eateries a "Texas-themed restaurant" that offers "a full service restaurant and bar that celebrates the diverse regional flavors of Texas in a variety of menu items covering all day parts." And the retail docs say the city's looking for a "Texas Music Venue" that would sell "music compact discs and souvenir type items that focus on the local music industry. In addition, the store may offer ticket services for local concerts." See? Interesting. Also: very Austin-y.

02 - Food and Beverage RFP 02.16.11 02 - Retail RFP 02.16.11

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.