Operation Kindness
Operation Kindness' exec director Jonnie England with Mercy, shortly after the dog's April 18 surgery

A Trial for Mercy

Assistant District Attorney Terri Moore, Craig Watkins’ top assistant, took on her first jury trial in Dallas -- not by going after a capital murderer, but by taking on a man dog-lovers would gladly string up by his ears.

As pointed out on Texas Lawyer’s blog, jury selection started yesterday in the trial of DeShann Brown, which is being presided over by Judge Mike Snipes of the 7th District Criminal Court. Brown has been charged with felony animal cruelty for setting a puppy on fire. The pit bull was named “Mercy,” and she died 10 days after her rescue by Operation Kindness.

Moore, who was a top prosecutor in Tarrant County, has a reputation for going for the jugular -- as in, go in through the mouth and pull out the jugular vein inch by inch, while kneeing you in the crotch. She’s going up against defense attorney Dan Wyde, a controversial former Dallas prosecutor and judge who's got a reputation for being tough and erratic. Expect dog lovers to pack the pews and growl under their breaths whenever the accused walks in. --Glenna Whitley

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