Addison's New Water Tower Is Also a Power Plant and An Art Project!

A Friend of Unfair Park dispatches this look at Addison's new water tower, which is presently making the rounds on Reddit. And, yes, those are wind turbines on top -- 10 total, each eight feet tall, the point of which is to operate the water tower and power the street lights on Arapaho.

The city's been planning this public work-slash-art project since 2009; says the website it's "possibly [the] only wind-powered water tower in Texas," and it was designed in part by Dallas artist Brad Goldberg, who "sees his work as a fusion between sculpture, the landscape and the built environment." (So he says.)

Autumn Rose Reo, who handles PR duties for Addison, says they broke ground on the project in October 2010. They didn't plan on having it finished till August of this year, but a grant that helped fund the turbines necessitated they start spinning by the end of this month. And so, says Reo, "They fired up the turbines last week." Coolest thing to come out of Addison since Primer.

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