After a Mavs Title, a Parade to Plan and Arrests to Report. And, Man, How That 'Bout Traffic?

Only took an hour to get from Oak Cliff to Northwest Dallas tonight. Never shoulda taken Commerce, which, when it reached downtown, was blocked off by Dallas Police, causing an endless stream of brake lights between Commerce and Continental. No matter: The traffic turned into a standstill parade soundtracked by the cathartic, endless honking of car horns and shouts of "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRK!" At Continental, just now, people were standing in the streets, waving "World Champs" tees -- not sure if they were selling them or just waving their clothes at passersby. A fading yellow light and a suddenly clear left lane allowed me to pass, just as Dallas County Sheriff's Department cars closed in, lights and sirens a-go-go. Overhead, a helicopter's spotlight further illuminated the crazy.

Speaking of, this just in (updated): The Dallas Police Department just sent out its early arrest totals.

As of 1:45 a.m. there have been 14 arrests related to the basketball game celebration: four disorderly conduct, six public intoxication, and four for outstanding warrants. Crowds downtown have largely moved on, but continue to be heavy along Greenville Avenue.

And speaking of parades, City Hall tonight sent word that the parade is tentatively scheduled for sometime during the week of June 20, from Dallas City Hall to the American Airlines Center. Says spokesman Frank Libro, whose email promises a media briefing with more details as soon as possible:

The City has had a detailed blueprint - a game plan - on the shelf for several years of what such an event would include and so we will begin executing that plan in earnest tomorrow. First and foremost our plan includes several public safety measures to keep crowds safe while still having a good time. We believe our plan achieves the proper balance. It is important to note that an event of this type is funded by the team. We will announce firm plans to the media and public later this week.

Thanks, Laura Miller; Mark Cuban too. And, you too, Dwaine Caraway, who has this to say:

"We're happy for and proud of the Dallas Mavericks. They've fought hard and today is a dream come true. We're planning a worthy celebration and look forward to welcoming our team home. Congratulations to Mark Cuban, Coach Carlisle, MVP Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Donald Carter, and the entire team. And on a final note, Charles Barkley is an honorary Dallasite for calling it in six games at the beginning of the Finals!"

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