After Doing Business With Wai-Wize, County and City Have to Sue Over Owed Back Taxes

Speaking of Wai-Wize ...

As Jim points out, between Brett Shipp and yesterday's News, there's plenty out there right now concerning the amount of money Willis Johnson, Duke Hamilton and the Wai-Wize-men have made off the city of Dallas, Dallas County and Dallas Area Rapid Transit, among other government entities with whom they do business. But there's one thing I haven't seen mentioned: Wai-Wize owes all of them, and more, in unpaid taxes for 2009. Granted, it's not a whole lot -- a little more than $11,000, including penalty and interest, at least since December. Still. That just seems a touch ... ungrateful.

The breakdown follows in court documents we got this morning from the George Allen, since tax court filings aren't available online. Wai-Wize owes the city the most money: $6,293.34, including P&I. The Parkland Hospital District comes in second at $2,305.62, followed by Dallas County at $1,919.39.

One thing to note: The suit was filed in December -- by Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson's Sheila Fuqua Carter, for whom messages have been left -- but wasn't handed to Hamilton till last month. Why the delay? Because the county constable charged with serving the suit went to 10375 Brockwood, which is just around the corner from Wai-Wize's actual HQ at 10440 Markison Road. (That's the old address that was on file with the Secretary of State. They just shoulda looked for the satellites!) Says his notes: "Office space was vacant." Jeez. Collin County wound up having one of its constables serve Hamilton, who I've also tried to reach, at his Plano home on July 7 at 6:40 p.m., at a cost of $55.

Dallas County Et Al v Wai-Wize

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