After Fighting to Keep Adamson From Becoming Historic Landmark, DISD Backs Off. For Now.

Speaking of historic landmarks ...

For more than a year, the Dallas Independent School District has been fighting the Landmark Commission to keep Adamson High School from being designated as a city landmark -- so much so that in September '09, the board passed a resolution that said, in part, "any proposal to designate W.H. Adamson High School as a historic landmark by the City of Dallas or any entity acting on behalf of the City of Dallas is opposed and rejected by the Dallas Independent School District."

Just three months ago, the Landmark Commission's Designation Committee said it sure looks like a landmark and passed along its okee-doke to the city council, to which DISD was appealing the nomination. The council had 180 days to decide for or against the district. Only now, that's not necessary: On the other side is a missive Unfair Park received in which the district's deputy chief of operations, Phil Jimerson, tells Theresa O'Donnell, head of Sustainable Development, that DISD is withdrawing its appeal.

Why now, after all this time? Dunno. Let's ask DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander. Oh, Jon?

We're in the process of working with city staff to come up with a mutually agreeable long-term strategy for the current Adamson High School.

He doesn't outline what that means. Can't and won't, since DISD's property people don't like to talk about property, people. So, then, to Jimerson's letter of November 9 ...

DISD Letter to City About Adamson

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.