...And the Law Won

A hearty Monday-morning "mazel tov" to a couple of local(ish) legal blogs: Unfair Park faves Grits for Breakfast, Scott Henson's statewide crime-and-punishment round-up, and Dallas public defender Mike Howard's The Wretched of the Earth, which deals specifically with the Dallas criminal justice system's treatment of the indigent. Both were honored over the weekend with 2006 Public Defender Blogger Awards -- or "The Rodneys," as they're called. No respect, indeed.

Grits for Breakfast received an Editor's Choice Award "for outstanding achievement and inspiration," while Wretched snagged the awards for Best Writing and Best Blog that Deals with Actual Law Stuff; the latter was also recognized as a runner-up in the categories Public Defender Blogger You Want to be When You Grow Up, Best Blog by a Male Public Defender and Best Title of a Blog that Reflects Something About the Job. Another legal blog with local ties -- Injustice Anywhere..., run by a former Dallas public defender who has since relocated to Washington State -- took the top spot in the Best Title of a Blog that Reflects Something About the Job category. Crimes, apparently, still doesn't pay, but it does get you an honor named for the man who starred in Easy Money. --Robert Wilonsky

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