And the Love Field Concessions Bidding Process Goes On ... And On ... And On

I just went over to the city's bids website to look for something unrelated when I noticed: The deadline for would-be Love Field vendors to submit proposals for restaurants and retail shoppes has been extended yet again -- this time to July 13, following an earlier add-on that had 'em due last week. The reason for the latest hold-up in this contentious concessions process: The city has decided to split one proposed food-and-beverage space into two "as the result of input from the vendor community and input from its consultant." The city had initially bundled a "branded casual dining" concept with a "coffee & tea house/wine bar and bakery/café"; they've since been split, which yet again changes the whole minimum guaranteed payment formula that was rejiggered back in May that prompted the extension to June.

Also: The city's now saying, look, just forget all those proposed concepts mentioned in the initial RFP. As in:

The packaging of concessions locations was developed by the City to create the best value for the City in consideration of expected sales, tenant investment, operating costs, and other factors. However, respondents may propose alternative uses for any one or more of the offered locations for consideration by the Evaluation Committee. In these cases, the City will select the alternative use if such selection is deemed to be in the City's best interest. Additionally the City is open to alcohol sales and concepts located pre-screening. While the mix of concepts has been created to provide the best possible offering to the public, the City still desires the opportunity to evaluate other concepts that may best serve its customers and creating an advantageous concessions program.

The latest addendum follows, for those who think the city's just making this up as it goes.

17 - Addendum 7 F&B

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