Ann Margolin Endorses Mike Rawlings

Only a handful of city council members have so far stayed away from offering their endorsements in the mayor's race, among them Angela Hunt and Ann Margolin. But that changes today: Mike Rawlings's camp sends word that the District 13 (meaning, Rawlings's) rep has thrown her support behind the former Pizza Hut boss and current Legends Hospitality CEO, whose concessions company is being sued by three Yankees Stadium servers over pocketed tips.

Says Margolin in a statement shipped by Allyn Media, "Like me, Mike is committed to making our neighborhoods stronger and safer, and he understands that a strong economy is key to making that happen. Economic growth will allow us to protect and build upon our basics, support police and safety funding and provide the real opportunities that our families and communities need to thrive."

I've left a message for Margolin, whose predecessor, Mitchell Rasansky, has thrown his support behind David Kunkle.

As for Hunt ...

"I haven't endorsed anyone yet," she tells Unfair Park this afternoon. And that doesn't mean she will before the June 18 runoff.

Update: I spoke with Margolin, who doesn't want to say much beyond what's in her statement -- which, she explains, she wrote herself. So that's that.

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