Another Superintendent Resigns from Prime Prep, Just Before It (Probably) Gets Shut Down

There was a time, late last year, when someone actually tried to fire Deion Sanders from Prime Prep Academy, the charter school he co-founded. That brave someone was the school's then-superintendent, an educator unrelated to Prime Time named Rachel King Sanders. At a school unofficially run by some of Deion Sanders' associates, where Sanders was the very reason many parents sent their kids there, her decision to fire him was not a popular one.

So last year, the school board got rid of that superintendent and replaced her with former DISD trustee Ron Price.

Price was an enthusiastic member of Team Deion, despite the allegations of assault that had been leveled against Sanders by former Prime Prep employees. "I saw the news stories like everyone else...Then the next thing you know, I saw people smiling and hugging or something. So I don't know," Price told us last year shortly after he got hired.

But now Price is leaving, just a year after his hiring. He is resigning at the end of January, which coincidentally is the same time that the Texas Education Agency is holding its hearing to decide whether to strip Prime Prep of its public funding. In a resignation letter, Price says the school can no longer support itself financially.

Reached on his cell phone this morning, Price said that he is in Washington D.C. He can't talk until later today because he is in a very important-sounding meeting. "I'm in a meeting with the members of the White House," he said.

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In a resignation letter obtained by the Dallas Morning News, Price blames "the previous administration" for all of the school's financial troubles: "The previous administration was not accountable for their actions, and the negative financial effect it placed on the school's operations has been far more devastating than originally expected."

That's an apparent reference King-Sanders and all the other school employees that were hired by D.L. Wallace, Sanders' Prime Prep co-founder, former friend and current nemesis who the school board now blames for everything that's gone wrong at Prime Prep.

"I'm honored to have been allowed to serve the children of Prime Prep Academy for the past year," Price's letter adds. "I wish them good luck and success."

That's sweet. But to be fair to those former administrators, Price didn't seem to have a total handle on the school either. When we discovered in the fall that there were several out-of-state and out-of-country student athletes who attended Prime Prep and lived in an off-campus apartment with coaches, Price said he knew nothing about it. "I've never heard of that before," he said at the time.

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