Area Woman Wants it Known That She's Had Lots of Random Sex Through Craigslist

Yesterday, we told you about an unfortunate area man whose plans for a Craigslist threesome resulted in zero threesomes and one potential watch theft. I indicated that I believed it was unlikely that a threesome would ever arise from a Craigslist-type situation, as finding even one woman who, A) doesn't want to be paid for sex or B) isn't a lonely Russian spambot can be difficult. It's not wrong to have sex with people you meet on Craigslist, per se. It's just that, if you're a straight dude looking for a woman, well, the odds do seem to be against you.

But I believe I may have misled the Craigslist sex-hopeful among you. An offended female reader emailed late last night to let me know that she has frequently has sex with men she meets on the site.

Here's her email in full, albeit with her name and email address redacted: .

Anna, I thought you inaccurately reported something in your post headlined "Area Man's Craigslist Threesome Ends In Non-Threesome, Possible Watch Theft." You editorialize "It's very unlikely that a woman on Craigslist wants to have sex with you." I think that's a bad assumption. I am an attractive young professional and I've had sex with quite a few men I've met on craigslist. This isn't something I do all the time but I know if I make a post there I will get 100+ replies and there will be a few decent guys in the mix. It's so much easier to screen them and much easier than hooking up with some douche at a bar and looking like slut. I think it would be more accurate for you to say "If you're old fat and ugly, it's unlikely that a woman on Craigslist wants to have sex with you." but that's also the case at bars, grocery stores, and the gym. Sometimes anonymous sex is fun; and one time I got a boyfriend out of it. Crazy I know.

I stand corrected, I suppose.

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