As It's Been a While Since We've Had a Woodall Rodgers Deck Park Update, Here's One

Got an email earlier today from Chad Sour, who's taking over Woodall Rodgers Deck Park duties for our old pal Joanna Singleton, who's about to take a maternity leave (and mazel tov, incidentally). Anyway. Sour's note was a bit of an inside-baseball update about two new hirings related to programming-slash-special events and finance-slash-administration. There was also some more useful technical info too:

On the construction side, the crew is in the midst of waterproofing the deck structure. The waterproofing process basically involves adding a membrane that will protect the foundation once the high density fill and the subsequent earth backfill is added. We now have about 60% of the crossbeams in place and the two defunct utility bridges have been demolished. In late summer/early fall, you should start seeing construction on the actual park to begin -- the first step here will be building the sidewalks and walkways.

Which reminded me: Over the weekend I noticed that on Thursday the Park Board will take up the deck park as well, adding two amenities not presently on McCarthy Building Companies' to-do list: a "children's garden" and "water features." Both will run $2.5 million total, and both are being paid for out of the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park Foundation's fund.

The water feature (this one at the Harwood entrance to the park) and the 15,000-square foot Children's Garden have always been included in the site plan. Sour says both are being added now that the foundation has the dough necessary to fund 'em. As fund-raising continues, he says, "you'll see items added to the McCarthy contract. They're called 'change orders,' but they do nothing to the price of the park. This is all part of the plan."

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