As Open Carry Advocate Calls for Armed Coup, State Legislators Call for More Open Carry

Kory Watkins can't leave well enough alone. After months of protests by him and his gun-toting, cop-watching buddies, Texas lawmakers seemingly want to give the open-carry extremists exactly what they say they want: the right to wield whatever firearm they damn well please without having to do so much as conceal it. There have been no fewer than 11 bills filed in advance of the 2015 Texas Legislature that would do something to make carrying a gun around easier, including one -- authored by Tarrant County Republican Jonathan Stickland -- that would eliminate the licensing requirements for carrying handguns in the state. Apparently, that's not enough for Watkins.

"Have you ever thought we might just need to organize a very large group of our own people. Like 200 from each state, so we can march armed to DC take over the city, arrest the bankers, crooked politicians and restore liberty here in our country? I'm not scared. I mean really ... voting and waiting is not working!," he said Saturday on Facebook.

It's not surprising. Watkins is categorically tone deaf. Whether it's been he and his group trying to co-opt recent protests against systemic racism and police violence in the name of libertarian anarchy or refusing to see the relevance of accused Arlington murderer Veronica Dunnachie's having been a member of Open Carry Tarrant County, Watkins has consistently shown himself to be political bomb-thrower. Now, his ideas are leaching into actual legislation.

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"The idea is we're going to return our Second Amendment rights," Stickland told Fox News. "I can't imagine what the citizens would do if they had to take a class or pay a fee to use their First Amendment rights."

Stickland has not filed a bill to end driver's licensing in the state.

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