At County Administration Building, a Strong Show of Support for Elections Boss Sherbet

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[Update at 5:28 p.m.: The Elections Commission voted, 4-1, to make Toni Pippins-Poole the "temporary" elections administrator for Dallas County. Which isn't the half of it. Sam will be up in a little while from what he calls "a frustrating" afternoon spent at the Dallas County Administration Building.]

Sam's at the Election Commission meeting at this very moment, down at the County Administration Building on Elm, and he says it's "filling up fast." He counts about 75 in attendance, including many former political foes and precinct chairs from both parties who've been taking turns standing up in the commissioners court to voice their support for Dallas County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet.

The meeting will take place in the Fox conference room, and, at the moment, it remains closed to the media and public. Jonathan Neerman, head of the Dallas County Republican Party, continues to try to make it an open meeting; Darlene Ewing, his Democratic counterpart, says it will at least begin in private, since it's a meeting dealing with personnel issues -- and since there's not a quorum of county commissioners in attendance.

Sam reports back that Dallas County Sheriff's Department deputies are out to keep the peace, and they're not allowing anyone inside the building holding a sign -- and there are many. They are also threatening to remove people for "outbursts." Also, as you can see from the photo, folks are wearing T-shirts in support of Sherbet

Sherbet is spending the meeting away from the meeting.

"But if they could just guarantee me a two-year contract at the same salary -- just because I know I'm going back into a very difficult situation where I know two members on the commissioners court don't want me in this position -- I'll go back," he tells Unfair Park. "I was ready to move on. I was ready to go on to whatever the next adventure was until something unbelievable happened -- a show of support like something I never imagined in my life. And it's come from people I have never known who said I touched their lives and did a good job. They saw something they thought was wrong and stood their ground, and I owe it to every single person who reached out to me. It's been unbelievable. But I am willing to face whatever I have to face to do my job. And I'm sure it's a long-shot, but it's the only reason I am considering this."

Sam just sent word that  Jenkins will take questions from the media after the meeting, which began 10 minutes ago. Sam will post a full recap upon his return. Me, I'm heading to City Hall right now.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.