Atheists Wish Local Pastors A Happy Easter the Only Way They Know How

Last year around Easter-time, local conservative talking head and life-sized Cabbage Patch doll Ben Ferguson was upset with the Dallas Fort-Worth Coalition of Reason, our local band of godless heathen sodomites. He was unhappy that they'd chosen Easter for their newest ad campaign, the theme of which was "Our Families Are Great Without Religion." (He wasn't the only one who got upset; as you might recall, a couple of movie theaters also refused to show the ad.)

This year, DFWCOR is wishing their Christian friends a joyous Good Friday the only way they know how: with the cheery graphic you see above.

"Last year, Ben Ferguson of WBAP criticized the Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason's campaign for showcasing our many atheist families in the Metroplex during the Easter season," Zach Moore writes, DFWCOR's coordinator and media point person. "This year, we decided to take his advice and send out a message of celebration and collaboration. The following message has been sent out to local pastors, including Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church Dallas, and will be promoted on our website throughout the Easter holiday."

In a press release, DFWCOR insists their best wishes are genuine (and that the poster isn't, say, cheerful, shameless, pastel-colored trolling).

"[W]ithout the death of Jesus as God, atonement within Christian theology would be impossible," Moore writes. "So great is this event, that Christians around the world commemorate it as 'Good Friday.' On this point, we can hopefully find no small level of agreement.

"The death of God is of incredible significance for those who have moved beyond traditional religious beliefs and practices, and seek now to advance a humanistic ethic in a world where we have no benevolent deities to beg for blessings, nor tyrant gods to blame for miseries."

As Christians find joy in "the sacrifice of the figure of Christ Jesus," Moore adds, "your Humanist siblings are likewise jubilant at the death of God, and we embrace the necessity of sacrifice from one for each other, in the interest of advancing a human-centered ethic that benefits us all."

We're sure everybody appreciates the sentiment, guys.

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