Audacious Thieves Steal ATM From the Angelika

Dallas is currently in the midst of an ATM theft epidemic. Twenty-four cash machines have been stolen since January 1. Thirty-one more unsuccessful attempts at stealing ATMs have been made in the same period. Dallas police are pretty upset about the whole thing, and generally push out surveillance videos in hopes of catching the thieves. Most of the time, the videos are pretty boring and follow a standard operating procedure: Truck or van crashes into business containing ATM; ATM is loaded into truck or van; thieves drive away.

Monday morning though, we got a fun one. This time a group of three dudes managed to abscond with the Dallas Angelika's ATM. The Angelika's not exactly amenable to smashing into with a vehicle, as it's surrounded on all four sides by the Mockingbird Station development, and a long flight of stairs leads up to its doors. The thieves, as seen on surveillance — DPD notes they were seen by a cleaning crew in the theater as well — scurry to the movie house's front door with a crow bar and an orange dolly. After the men pried the door open, they can be seen on video quickly hauling the ATM back to their waiting getaway vehicle, parked in the Mockingbird DART station lot.

(Note: The video is best enjoyed when played simultaneously with the included Yakety Sax video.) 

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