Barrett Brown Agrees to Stop Talking to the Media

When federal agents raided local hacktivist Barrett Brown's apartment last fall, throwing him in prison for what could wind up being the rest of his life, they succeeded in shutting him up for about a day. Soon, however, he was scribbling letters from prison claiming the FBI had broken his ribs, penning articles for Vice, and giving interviews to Rolling Stone.

The government was not happy about this, accusing Brown of attempting to "try the case in the media" and demanding that he be forced to stop.

As recently as this morning, in the hours before a judge was scheduled to decide whether to put a gag order on all parties, Brown's attorneys argued vociferously against the measure, leading one to expect fireworks at today's hearing.

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Instead, Brown's attorneys and prosecutors agreed to stop talking to the media, "including, but not limited to, bloggers" about the case since it "could interfere with a fair trial." Brown will still be allowed to hold forth on other, unrelated topics.

His trial is currently scheduled for next spring. The gag order follows:

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