Beard's Out of the Hospital -- And A Very Cool "Beard-A-Fit" Awaits Him

At this very moment, beloved Club Dada doorman John "Beard" Brewer is being released from Parkland Memorial Hospital -- great news after a long, hard week during which Beard was, for the most part, confined to an intensive care unit after suffering a seizure last Friday. This morning, "Gentleman Musicianer and Sorry Entertainer" Mark Rubin sent us a familiar sentiment concerning Beard: "I owe the dude, big time."

The former Bad Liver is among many musicians offering their services for what's now being billed as the "Beard-A-Fit," set for a 1 p.m. start time October 28 at Club Dada. Amanda Newman's done one hell of a job throwing this thing together -- in a matter of days, she put together a bill with a dozen acts, with more promising to attend a second benefit Sara Hickman would like to host as soon as she and Newman can pin down a date. Right now, scheduled to perform on October 28 are, in no particular order: David Garza (who will be playing with Clay Pendergrass, Earl Darling and Reggie Rueffer), Mr. Pink, Shanghai 5, The Hochimen (formerly Spot, more or less), The Felons, Airline, The Enormous Magic Verb, Hard Night's Day, Mic the Tiger (the latest project from ex-Buck Pet Chris Savage), Frush, Anna Proctor and Noted Regional Comedian Dave Little.

Also, notes Amanda, "Richard Ross, amazing artist that he is, will be donating artwork to sell at the Beard-A-Fit." That's Dicky Van Tastic of him. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.