Because, Apparently, You Don't Need to Spend $1.5 Million on a Dog Park. In Oak Cliff, Anyway.

Remember back in February, when council member Ann Margolin said, sorry, but she just couldn't support spending $1.5 mil in bond funds on a dog park, which the city couldn't afford to maintain in the first place? No. Of course you don't. Anyway. On Saturday, we skipped out of the Homegrown Music and Art Festival early to grab a bite before heading to the Dallas Independent School District science fair at the Jesse Owens Memorial Complex. (My one complaint with Homegrown: the lack of food options.) On the way down Polk toward Eno's we passed by the dog park you see at top, which, a few hours earlier, had been a trash-strewn median.

How successful was it? Writes Jason Roberts today on the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff website: "City Councilwoman Delia Jasso is now asking that the group continue to hold a pop-up dog park for the next three months while she works to make this small, neighborhood park permanent." His before-n-after video follows.

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