Before Court, Who's Got Some Beer and Wine?

Off to the George Allen in a few for that 9:30 court date I told you about last week, during which attorneys representing the city, Keep the Dollars in Dallas and those contesting the election allowing for the wetting up of Dallas will hash over some legal matters, baby. Top of the anti side's to-do list: Getting Judge Laurine Blake to suspend implementation of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's permitting process while this thing winds through court. Because otherwise, by the time there's a trial, it won't matter anyhow -- at least, not for two years, the length of the permit.

On the other side is the latest list of permits granted by the TABC since January 1 -- 29 pages' worth, including most of your major grocery store chains and convenience stores in the formerly dry side of town, where being able to buy a sixer remains such a novelty that folks seem frozen, wide-eyed, as they stroll down newly refrigerated aisles. Question is: Will the permit parade continue, or does it come to a grinding halt this morning? Update forthcoming.

Update is available here. But long story short: The judge refused to halt the permitting this afternoon.


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