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Before Really Getting Started, Dallas' Olympic Dream Is Over

The Associated Press is reporting the end of Dallas' nascent and somewhat quixotic bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

According to someone briefed on the U.S. Olympic Committee's decision making process, the committee has selected Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington to further compete to represent the United States in final bidding to the International Olympic Committee.

That list, of course, does not include our city, which means that Mark Lamster is probably very sad this afternoon.

It seems we'll have to suffer the surely even more oppressive 2024 heat without the additional traffic snarl, soon-to-be abandoned stadia and inevitable graft that the Olympics would bring.

Have no fear though, if that sort of thing is your thing. If swirling rumors are to be believed, Qatar, which won the right to hold the 2022 World Cup at the end of a hopelessly corrupt bidding process, is about to stripped of its hosting responsibilities.

If that happens, a new host, one that had the existing facilities to host the tournament on a quick turnaround, would need to be selected. The United States is a country that fits that bill and was among the original bidders for the 2022 tournament.

As mentioned by The Dallas Morning News, any U.S. bid for the World Cup would likely include Jerryworld, arguably the country's premier large stadium and a venue that has successfully hosted a number of international soccer matches.

All things considered, it wouldn't be a bad alternative. We'd get the international flavor and party atmosphere those who wanted the Olympics so badly desired and we'd get to split the hosting duties with much of the rest of the Lower 48.

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