Behind the Music: Courtside

A few people fell for our Dirk Nowitzki April Fool's prank, including Mike Rhyner and Greg Williams, hosts of "The Hardline" on KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket), but most people didn't. The song did make its way around the Internet, though, which was good enough for us. One blogger called it the single of the year, but our favorite Internet result was a posting at Fark.com, which resulted in some guy linking to this video. It's years-old footage of a song Dirk and Steve Nash recorded under the band name "Small Balls" (seriously) for a hospital patient that proves, once and for all, that the MP3 we posted couldn't possibly be real.

The blame falls mostly on the shoulders of one Jon Binford, the guitarist for the Zapruder Sequence, who played everything but the drums on this track (and, yes, those intentionally bad vocals are his as well). ZS drummer Mike Karnowski chipped in on drums and editing, and Dallas Observer calendar editor Noah W. Bailey chipped in on backing choir vocals near the end (as did I). We've still yet to hear from anyone at the Mavs about the song--not Dirk, not Mark, not even Jason Terry--but we like to think Dirk's uploaded the tune on his iPod. —Sam Machkovech

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