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Big Dick, Michael Vick And, As It Turns Out, Anybody Can Get a Key to the City of Dallas

Several Friends of Unfair Park have sent along the video that follows, in which two things of note transpire. First: Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway -- who'd take the reins should Mayor Tom step down before the May election -- is seen presenting a key to the city of Dallas to Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick at some Super Bowl party. Gene Simmons got one too, sure -- for his work with wounded warriors. But why Vick?

"Let me say this, in short: With me, with me, it's simply and only about the children," Caraway tells Unfair Park this morning, referring to the fact the downtown event was filled with "wayward kids." Vick's Super Bowl party was canceled over security concerns, though he did make an appearance in front of the Boys & Girls Club in Frisco.

Still, Caraway's not exactly sure where this took place, except at a "downtown club at 5 o'clock, I'm not sure where, we get shuffled around to so many things." He also knows the video's making the rounds: "They can send it -- it's fine." I see Rudy got it too.

But something else happens in video -- which was shot by Richard Hunter, better known as radio's own Big Dick. Hunter, as Richie pointed out last June, adopted one of the so-called "bait dogs" Vick used in the dog-fighting ring that landed him in prison. The dog's name is Mel -- and as Richard told Richie, "While Vick is pure evil, this dog is so good despite having suffered through such hell that he's truly changed my life." Richard went to the event to show Vick Mel's picture and confront him about the past -- which, as you'll see in the video, never happened.

"First of all, I do not condone animal cruelty," Caraway says, unprompted, when we spoke this morning. "I have two beautiful dogs that live better than me. But I'd like for you to understand it's simply about the children and the message that's going to the children -- the message of, 'I've done wrong, look at me, don't hang with the wrong people, don't go out and do drugs' and give the encouraging message to a bunch of kids at 5 o'clock. Whoever would challenge the fact, more of that is needed, and it gets beyond our personal likes or dislikes. It allows the children to see there's no reason for me to slip."

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