Big Finish for Last Year's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Squad

More photos here in our slideshow.

For most fans, there isn't much of the last Cowboys season that'll be remembered too fondly -- but for the team's cheerleaders, who gathered up for one last time for a year-end performance last week, 2008 drew a tearful adios.

The crew of dancers, some of whom are undoubtedly headed for bigger and better things next year, put on an elaborate two-hour show onstage at the Bass Performance Hall Wednesday night in Fort Worth, where the seats were filled with friends, family, and flocks of young dancers.

Along with the main attraction, and their riffs on football, freedom, and what it's like to be a cowboy, the show also included a few numbers from the Junior Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, video biographies on a few dancers, and a ventriloquist song-and-dance number. One of the puppets was dressed as a cheerleader too.

All of which is just to explain a few of the things you might be wondering about when you check out our slideshow. And yes, that's the *audience participation* part of the show where you'll see the big guy with a feather boa around his neck.

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