Big Tex Has His Own CrowdTilt Fundraising Campaign: "Let's Get Him Some New Clothes!"

The last time time Dallas Nostalgia took this big a hit was when the St. Patrick's Day parade appeared in peril. Before Mark Cuban emptied his cup holders and saved it, the internet took up the cause, in the form of a CrowdTilt fundraiser.

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A similar campaign raised money for the Deep Ellum Community Garden. Now CrowdTilt's at it again. James Beshara, the Dallas native who co-founded the crowd-sourced fundraising site, emailed a couple minutes ago to let us know that a Big Tex CrowdTilt campaign has been started. Its name: "Big Tex Tragedy 2012: Let's get him some new clothes!!!!" Its goal: Raise $50,000 to get Tex up and clothed and waving kinda creepily again.

"I remember dressing up as him for Fair Day at my elementary school in first grade," 26-year-old Beshara, who lives in the Bay Area, told me by email. "To me, as a six year old, he was the fair. I mean, it's funny to look back and think about the impact this 50-foot robotic cowboy had on my youth, but growing up in Texas he was the cowboy you know you'd get to see year after year. Was pretty sad to see the images of him burning up on my phone this morning."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.