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"Big Things Happen Here": Dallas Takes Another Stab at Selling Itself to Outside World

Some relatively recent efforts to market the city of Dallas to would-be visitors may have mistakenly given the impression that we really don't want them here. (How else to explain this?).

But that's not really the case. The city does want visitors, along with the money they drop at its stores, hotels and restaurants. To prove it, the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau has unveiled the logo you see above, along with a new tagline: "Big Things Happen Here."

The new slogo will be deployed as part of a $5 million campaign to lure tourists, conventions and businesses to the city, per the Morning News.

It still plays to the tired "Everything is bigger in Texas" trope, but it feels like an improvement over the current iteration, "Live Large, Think Big," and the accompanying logo, which you see here.

Then again, has anyone in the history of city-visiting actually visited a city because of its slogan?

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Eric Nicholson
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