Blasts From The Past ... Er, Present ... Um, Future?

Hmmm, whatever happened to ol’ whatzizname? Um, ya know, Ben Grieve? Seems the former Arlington Martin High School stud and 1998 American League Rookie of the Year is still swatting homers, but settling for winning the home run derby at charity events like this one on Saturday in Frisco.

Hmmm, whatever happened to ol’ whatzizname? Um, ya know, Hunter Mahan? Seems the former McKinney High School grad won his first PGA tournament over the weekend, an accomplishment that's is being severely underplayed by his hometown newspaper. Really, just two paragraphs?

Will former Duncanville star and Super Bowl champ Ray Crockett be part of Cuban's new football venture?

And hmmm, whatever happened to those ol’ whatztheirnames? Um, ya know, Ray Crockett and Ron Meyer? Both, it seems, will be a part of the new United Football League. That is, if the venture involving Mark Cuban ever gets off the ground. I hear that Cuban has made an informal pitch to Crockett, the former Duncanville High School, Baylor and Denver Broncos star, about being a general manager. And I hear that Meyer, once the grand poobah of SMU football’s glory days last seen coaching in the XFL, is knocking on Cuban’s virtual door to pledge his interest in the new league. In a sorta-related opinion, know what would get the fledgling league out of the incubator and onto the front pages? Have Cuban’s rival become an owner. --Richie Whitt

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