Brother, Can You Spare a Dime So the Dallas Police Can Open Farmers Market Storefront?

On Wednesday, Patrick went down to the Dallas Farmers Market, where Dallas police higher-ups met with neighborhood stakeholders about getting a DPD storefront down there pronto. Because, as we've noted in recent weeks, property owners are clamoring for a substation to deal with what they say is an increase in crime due to The Bridge. DPD disputes that, but doesn't deny the need for a downtown home that'll replace the recently shuttered West End digs.

And while DPD's got two locations scouted out, says Lt. Anthony Williams, the department doesn't have the money to lease out a new location. Which is why, Williams said, DPD was drafting a missive in which it would ask "safety-minded citizens if they might spare a dime to help cover rent on a new substation, from which they will, among other duties, help keep panhandlers off the streets," as Patrick reported.

This morning, that very letter, from Chief David Brown and signed by Assistant Chief Vincent Golbeck, landed in the Unfair Park in-box. It's on the other side. But, first, an excerpt:

We are committed to continuing our services, and have a keen desire for the CBD storefront to remain and integral part of the Downtown Dallas community. For that we must draw upon those partnerships again. Therefore, the department is seeking donations from shareholders within the community to assist in off-setting the finish-out cost of the new store-front location. It is our hope that your organization recognizes the critical role our presence plays in the on-going development of a dynamic CBD that is rapidly emerging as one of the most vibrant and diverse areas of Dallas, and that you will assist our fundraising effort.

Golbeck Letter to CBD Sharheolders

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