Between a Boulder and a hard place
More than a year ago, feminist Karen Ashmore said goodbye and good riddance to Dallas. Ashmore, who co-founded the Dallas Rainbow Chapter of the National Organization for Women, said she was burned out on Big D's provincialism--especially when it came to race relations and sexual discrimination.

Ashmore moved to Boulder, where she picked up all the old causes again and enrolled her son in a progressive, multi-cultural school, where one of his teachers is a lesbian herbalist and another a peace activist.

Liberal nirvana, or what?
Well, actually, what. According to Ashmore, she was kicked out of the Boulder NOW chapter as a result of several clashes with feminists there. The final straw came when Ashmore led a campaign that resulted in admistrator accused of sexual harassment leaving the University of Colorado at Boulder. The Boulder NOW chapter--which is closely aligned with the school's Women's Studies Department and feared for its funding in the wake of the controversy--drummed Ashmore out in return.

The back nine's lousy, too
We've grown so tired of hearing the nation's prisons being described as "country clubs" that Buzz was gratified to learn that some Dallasites who do time inside the world's poshest country clubs have rated the amenities at some Texas slammers.

The latest Dallas Citizens Council Report reported that 25 members of Dallas' power elite toured state correctional institutions in Gatesville. "Many members reported they couldn't sleep after the visit," one of the gray-bar hotel tourists told the Report.

"The media has [sic] sometimes said there is a country-club environment at our prisons," pronounced Citizens Council Chair W.R. Howell. "I don't think that any of us believe that now."

The DCC might be more comfortable visiting a federal minimum-security prison where some of North Dallas' more creative dealmakers have taken a hiatus.

Bet Reunion Arena
We know Mayor Ron Kirk can be a bit lethargic when it comes to duties that don't directly involve boosting the business community--but we expect a little creativity when it comes to the pomp aspect of his office.

For instance, goofy sports bets between Dallas and other cities are a key part of the mayor's job, and Buzz expects him to carry it off with verve and lan. The trouble started when Green Bay's mayor bet 30 pounds of bratwurst, 30 pounds of cheese, and promised to wear a 10-gallon hat if the Pack lost. We were crushed when Ron failed to come back with something worthy of Dallas and the 'Boys.

"Some steaks" and a vow to wear a cheese-wedge chapeau to a council meeting? Ron, you gotta bet something that definitively symbolizes your burg.

Here's a Buzz suggestion for betting on the Super Bowl: If Pittsburgh wins, Ron, send Steel City Mayor Tom Murphy things that scream Dallas--how about a lap dance and a gift certificate for a boob job for his wife?

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