$25 million kids
Deion Sanders' Cowboys contract may be in jeopardy, but another, equally controversial, if underreported Deion deal--this one with Dallas' prestigious Greenhill School--is on solid ground.

Deion's daughter has made the Greenhill cut. Parents learned the news last week when teachers called to alert them that security would likely be increased, and to gently discourage them from making a fuss over the $25 million wonder. Deion's salary, Buzz might add, is matched only by his ego, as evidenced by the names of his children--daughter Deiondra, who is in kindergarten, and son Deion, a pre-schooler.

While many Greenhill parents are excited about the news--some fathers giddily planned to volunteer time for school projects in hope of rubbing shoulders with the cornerback--others aren't so delighted, particularly those whose children remain on the waiting list. Hundreds of children vie each year for a handful of openings at Greenhill. Those still in line wondered how a slot miraculously appeared for the Sanders offspring. But we already know Jerry Jones works in mysterious ways.

Knee jerks
Always responsive to readers--or at least the handful that call to complain--editors of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram took another courageous step last week in the battle against smut in their own paper. According to S-T ombudsman Phil Record's column, readers complained that the paper was hypocritical in turning down ads for the movie Showgirls, while continuing to run ads for nude modeling and topless clubs.

"Some mothers," Record wrote, "were especially upset that such ads often appeared in the Sports section, which is closely read by their children."

"Your voices have been heard," proclaimed Record, as he announced that such ads have not only been banished from the sports pages but the rest of the news pages as well.

Hallelujah! Now the kids will have to go all the way to the classified section to get a nasty eyeful.

Dead men don't go vertical
Did you ever have a bad art day? We couldn't help but notice a correction in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, copping to having reproduced an Andres ("Piss Christ") Serrano photograph vertically instead of horizontally. It would seem an easy mistake to make. After all, it looks like a semi-normal profile of a person's head, until one notices the title of the photo--The Morgue. If that weren't embarrassing enough, that correction was corrected a day later. It seems the photo that ran in the first correction was reversed, flipping the image.

Early Halloween
Already creepy Watauga was even more so last week with the undead announcement on the outdoor marquee of the Harvest Baptist Church: "Aborted Person To Speak."

If you've got something spooky that Buzz should know about, you can call us at 757-8439 or fax to 757-8593 or mail to or P.O. Box 190289, Dallas, 75219.

--Glen Warchol

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