Politics, doggy style
It appears City Hall's Doggygate is alive and kicking. You'll remember gadfly Frank Bodzin blasted the city for harassing a widower while trying to collect on a $7 bounced check from the man's dead wife, who had written the check--when she was alive, of course--to register her collie Kelly--who is, tragically, also now dead.

A short time later, someone sent Mayor Ron Kirk a racially offensive letter, signed with Bodzin's name. The mayor, who had come into office pledging to "end the blame game," fired off a scathing letter to the 80-year-old neighborhood activist that included a vague threat. Bodzin denied any knowledge of the offensive letter, and four council members testified to his racial sensitivity.

All that prompted Kirk to muster a lukewarm apology, while noting: "I think we paid more attention to this than it merited."

But Buzz has learned that somebody at City Hall thinks Doggygate merits even more time and money. Last week, two police officers visited Bodzin to get a sample of his handwriting and question him.

Buzz hates to be part of the blame game, but we had to ask: Could the mayor's office be behind it? "Who else's office?" responded DPD spokesman Sgt. Jim Chandler to a Buzz inquiry.

Still, the mayor insists that since he turned the letter over to the cops, "I am not involved any further."

Apocalypse Bowl
An advertisement on the side of a DART bus has us jittery. "Welcome to Jonestown," it reads, plugging Jerry Jones' show on The Ticket. Jonestown? We

worry that if the 'Boys fail to make the Super Bowl, Jerry will treat the team to a special batch of Kool-Aid. Anything for a lucrative sponsorship.

Getting the kinks out
A family reunion at the Green Oaks Inn in west Fort Worth offered the kids more excitement this year than the traditional pulling of Uncle Ernie's finger. Unbeknownst to the family, the Imperial Court de Fort Worth-Arlington held its annual transvestite coronation at the inn the same weekend.

According to the Tarrant County affiliate of the American Family Association newsletter: "Aside from the assault on decency and the portrayal of total perversion as normal, teenage girls with the reunion were unable to use the public restrooms due to the 'men' dressed as women using the women's facilities.

"Green Oaks had the misunderstanding that they were prohibited from refusing service to someone based on their sexual orientation." Well, the AFA soon closed a few minds at the hotel. "Upon completion of our very cordial meeting, AFA was assured that Green Oaks would refuse to host a similar event in the future..."

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--Glen Warchol

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