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Can the Rangers' Season Be Saved? (UPDATED)

Update, 4:51 p.m.: The below was written before this. The answer to the above question is no.

Original story: Derek Holland. Matt Harrison. Martin Perez. Geovany Soto. Prince Fielder. Jurickson Profar. Engel Beltre.

Three-fifths of the rotation, the starting catcher, the starting first baseman, the starting second baseman and the backup outfielder are currently not playing. This doesn't include players who stepped in for the injured and are now injured themselves, such as Donnie Murphy, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Jim Adducci, and Tanner Scheppers. (Joe Saunders doesn't count. He blows.)

This doesn't include Yu Darvish and Adrian Beltre, who have spent time on the disabled list, but are back playing now. I've likely missed someone in this, but please don't call me on it. I couldn't stand looking through the injury reports anymore. I don't like crying.

Injuries in sports happen. No team ever makes it through a full season without some players on the disabled list. But what the Rangers are going through is just insane. Every time it appears the team might get some good news on an injured player, another one goes down.Just when it looked like the rotation was coming together, Harrison and Perez suffered season-ending injuries. On the same freakin' day.

As a fan, this has been the toughest season to watch in a while, because at least when the Rangers sucked, it was because the players sucked so you could at least understand it. When a team with this much talent is struggling due to injuries, it's especially frustrating. You know that if most of the players previously mentioned were healthy, this team would be a juggernaut. Instead they're weak and underdeveloped, like Jubilee from the X-Men, only a baseball team.

Where do we go from here? Shit, I dunno. You'd like to think that if Holland and Profar and Soto return soon the team could still turn it around. But the injuries have been so overwhelming that we are likely getting close to a point where general manager Jon Daniels has to start considering this a lost year. That doesn't mean trading our established players in a fire sale. It just means not pushing starters, giving young guys a chance to fail, and other hallmarks of a really long summer.

This team has a great foundation. There is no "Curse of Nolan." Daniels has had some misfires that we haven't seen since the Adrian Gonzalez deal (JP Arencibia is stealing a living as a professional baseball player), but the Texas Rangers are still set up for a long run of playoff contention. This just might not be the year.

Insert sad face emoticon here.

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