Candidate Mike Rawlings's Latest (and Rather Long) Video, Co-Starring Two Council Members

As Sam pointed out last week, it's clear that mayoral candidate Mike Rawlings is well funded -- so much so he's released what appears to be a web-only mini-doc shot, for the most part, at the Good Street Missionary Baptist Church on Bonnie View. It also features two current council members: Tennell Atkins, who was at Rawlings's City Hall coming-out, and, in brief cameos, Vonciel Jones Hill, who hasn't endorsed any of the four candidates.

Rawlings, the former homeless czar who narrates from the back seat of a SUV, also talks vaguely but sternly about South Dallas, as in: "I'm sure a lot of people have cared a lot about the southern sector, but they haven't broken it down into smaller pieces, gave 'em the resources, held 'em accountable -- not B.S. 'em, but do it."

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