CBS v. Belo v. Katrina

If you want to read the complete file in the case of Infinity Radio, Inc. v. Belo Corp. et al, the subject of a news story in this week's Observer, here are the kinda-simple steps necessary. And lemme say I wish I knew how to do this Friday, after getting stonewalled by CBS' helpful P.R. department and the downright lovely assistant to chief corporate counsel Lou Briskman; just remember, in New York, "I can't do nuttin' for ya, so piss off" means "Have a very nice day."

First, go to the New York State Unified Court System's Web site.

Then click on "The Filing by Electronic Means System" link, which takes you to another page. From there, click "Public Inquiry," which then directs you to the records search page.

Where it says "Claim/Index Number," click the circle and type in this case number: 650001/2006. Then hit "search." On the next page, click on the case number, then, on the next page, ask it to "List Documents," and from there, well, you will have access to minutes' worth of interesting reading. (Belo's filing, especially, is pretty good stuff--like a snarky blog entry, doused with the scent of righteous indignation.)

If only I had known about this Friday. Jeez, do not tell my friend Christy I sent her down to the court house for nothing--well, $30, actually. I gotta remember to pay her. --Robert Wilonsky

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