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Choose Your Choice, Choose Your Sno-Cone Tomorrow Night At La Grange Tweet-Up

Do you like delicious cocktails? Do you like reproductive freedom? Do you want to drink delicious cocktails while celebrating reproductive freedom? If the answer to these questions is yes, you'll want to be at La Grange in Deep Ellum tomorrow night for the Feminists For Choice Tweet-Up celebrating the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. FFC Tweet-ups will be happening simultaneously in Dallas, Tuscon and New York City.

"This meet-up is about having a conversation about choice, activism, and what we can do to stop the attacks on women and reproductive freedom in Texas and the U.S.," says event organizer Amy McCarthy, a Dallas member of Feminists for Choice, which is a nationwide network of feminist activists and bloggers.

McCarthy says that "hopefully meet-ups like this mean that a network of activists can form" to talk about ways to challenge the continuing opposition to reproductive freedom in the U.S. Thirty-eight years after the Roe case, abortion access is still limited in many places, and poor women are still disproportionately lacking in access to reproductive care across the country. Here in Texas, our own 82nd Legislature may consider a bill that would require women to view ultrasounds before abortion procedures, even though they're not medically necessary.

If all of this is making your blood boil because you think the feminazis are planning a big drunk orgy party to celebrate baby-killing, consider this: Planned Parenthood of North Texas is co-sponsoring the Tweet-up, and their media rep Holly Morgan emphasized PPNT's role in the event as a way to rally behind incentives that address the root cause of abortion: unintended pregnancy. Because, she says, "no one 'likes' abortions, every person values life."

She continued, via e-mail: "Our message to the public on the 38th anniversary of Roe is: if you truly want to prevent abortions, help us prevent unintended pregnancies by encouraging schools to include medically accurate sexual education information in high school textbooks, and telling lawmakers to make birth control accessible and affordable to everyone."

FFC-er McCarthy assures me that there will be a number of "Dudes for Choice" at the event -- though I'd argue we need not always make a distinction between "dudes" and "feminists," because I know lots of feminist dudes. If nothing else, there will be La Grange's Best-of-Dallas-lauded signature Sno-Cones on offer, so if the weight of fighting to keep the guv'mint out of our ladybits gets us down, at least we can dull the pain with frozen, boozy beverages. RSVP for the event here.

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Andrea Grimes
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