Christian Columnist: Gay Boy Scouts Disappoint Jesus With Their "Sexual Anarchist Agenda"

Meet Linda Harvey, a talk radio host on a Christian station in Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she's the founder and main opinion-spewer behind Mission: America, which promotes itself as "Christian commentary on the culture." Harvey is deeply concerned with pressing social issues like "paganism" (she means Halloween and Harry Potter) and feminism (which is apparently also paganism. Good to know).

But Harvey saves most of her animus for The Gays and how they're ruining the country, to the extent that the Southern Poverty Law Center at one point designated Mission: America as an anti-gay hate group (a charge the organization denies, sort of). And as Right Wing Watch pointed out this morning, in her latest column for World Net Daily, Harvey charges that the Boy Scouts' new policy of accepting openly gay youth will be disastrous for both the organization and The Children.

Specifically, Harvey claims, by allowing openly gay kids in the Scouts, the organization's leadership is "advancing the sexual anarchist agenda and drawing countless numbers of children into sin." Also, she's pretty sure those gay troopers are going to show up sporting "nail polish, dangling earrings and make-up."

Harvey asks, probably rhetorically, who the "monsters" on Scouts' board are, the ones who would "callously foster and feed the deception that any valid orientation exists except God-designed heterosexuality, and that all else is deviance?" She warns, too, that said leaders will have a lot of explaining to do when they meet Jesus.

But all this is merely a precursor to Harvey's real worry, which is that an (obviously HIV-infected) "out-and-proud 15 year old" will be "making moves on your still impressionable younger sons." And because Harvey thinks gayness is contagious, all it's going to take is one night in a pup tent near a gay kid before the entire troop goes up in fabulous, rainbow-colored flames.

It's probably the most outrageously anti-gay bit of Boy Scout-related trolling we've seen yet. Which only means that some other columnist or politician will try to top Harvey soon enough. We've got our money on Rick Santorum.

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Anna Merlan
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