City Auditor Says Dallas Fire-Rescue Isn't Inspecting Buildings The Way It Ought To

Below is an audit just dispatched by City Hall, which says that for various reasons Dallas Fire-Rescue isn't giving some buildings the proper once-over. Among the reasons why not: The forms they use either aren't complete or consistent, and the department's practices and procedures aren't very up-to-date. Which, says auditor Craig Kinton, is something the mayor and city council should be concerned about. You too, for that matter. Says the sum-up:

The DFR cannot ensure that all buildings and locations that should receive Fire Inspections (Inspections) are inspected and that these Inspections are performed timely. (Note: Not all inspections require or result in a permit.) As a result, fire risks within the city of Dallas (City) may not be identified and timely corrected, and the City may lost Inspection permit revenue.

That bit about losing revue will get someone's attention, if nothing else. For what it's worth interim fire chief Louis Bright III agrees with the audit. Read the whole thing below.

Dallas Fire-Rescue Inspections Audit

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