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City Guesstimates $1.5 Billion in Flood Control Needs. See What Your Neighborhood Needs.

And I was so looking forward to this Wednesday council briefing: Overview of Floodplain Management and Drainage Needs in the City of Dallas. Oh, well; guess it's all Jim's now. After all, he certainly knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to gettin' in deep and wet, especially on his side of East Dallas when it rains long and hard.

But where does your neighborhood fit into the city's long-term plans to address flooding? And, no, this isn't Trinity River flooding we're talking about; nothing so biblical. We're talking storm drains, enclosed streams (Mill Creek, for instance, or Peaks Branch) and plain ol' street flooding.

For Wednesday's briefing, the City Manager's Office has broken down the needs inventory in all 14 council districts; I've pulled out that 37-page section and posted it below. That way you can see what's needed closer to home. Such as: I see not far from my house that it'll cost upwards of $10 million to design and build a storm draining relief system to keep 14 houses from flooding near Pensive Drive and the west fork of Joes Creek along Walnut Hill. And it gets even more specific than that, cataloging every garage, apartment building, alley and yard at risk during significant "rain events."

Of course, many of those projects will have to wait ... and wait ... and wait. Following the district-by-district list is another ranking each project by priority based on a score that takes into account things like: how close properties are to creeks, the frequency and depth of flooding, how many structures are impacted and how much it'll cost to make the repair per structure. Things like that. Look out below.

City Flood Control Needs

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