City Hall Explains Why Downtown Dallas Won't Go Dark During Rolling Blackouts

Earlier this morning, City Hall PIO Frank Librio sent word that the city asked Oncor to keep the city's lights on during the rolling blackout. He just sent further word about how Oncor energizes downtown. "You learn something every day," Librio says. To the missive, which includes a streets update (mine, for those so concerned, are still glazed, polished and quite slickery):

Oncor has confirmed that the load shedding plan does not include "network facilities" within the Central Business District (CBD). The City facilities downtown should not be impacted due to the design of the power grid in the CBD.

The power grid in the CBD was designed with double redundancy -- built in a two-layer system to avoid such incidents downtown. Oncor uses the term "network facility" to describe customer facilities that are in the CBD and part of this double redundancy power grid.


As of 10:30 am, Street Services continues to operate at an Ice Force 2 level (60 sanding units; 140 personnel). There are 800 designated routes covered in the Ice Force 2 response. The 800 designated routes are equivalent to about 929 miles of street. Efforts have been successful.

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