City Hall: The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Won't Be Drivable Till March 29 Now. Or Close To.

That item below -- the one that says the Texas Department of Transportation is still hoping to open the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to vehicular traffic on March 5, immediately following the Trinity Trust and Bridge-o-Rama's respective now-not-really-opening-weekend wingdings? Forget it. Just forget it. This just came in from Dallas City Hall spokesman Frank Librio and TxDOT's Duane Milligan:

There has been much anticipation regarding the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to vehicular traffic. It was hoped that the bridge could open at the conclusion of the public celebrations on March 4, 2012. However, due to weather conditions, mainly much needed rain, portions of the construction will take a few more weeks than anticipated.

Although TxDOT could have opened portions of the bridge (access from Woodall Rodgers to North Beckley Avenue) on March 5, 2012, the City's public safety officials have advised that due to lack of some signals and ramps not being completed at this time, there is the potential for motorists to be confused, which could lead to accidents and injury.

Therefore, the City will open the bridge when all components are fully functioning in a safe manner. The opening date is anticipated to be March 29, 2012.

How oh how will I ever get to Oak Cliff ... oh, right. Same way I always have.

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