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City of Dallas Looking for Someone to Turn its Feral Hog Problem Into Delicious Bacon

In recent years, as North Texas' feral hog population has exploded, Arlington, Irving and other suburbs have taken to rounding up the swine and selling them for bacon.

Now, it's Dallas' turn.

Robert Wilonsky brings news this morning that the city is looking for someone to harvest its feral hogs.

The problem faced by the city is twofold: For one, feral hogs are a notorious pain in the ass and have been doing great damage on city-owned parkland along White Rock Creek, near the Trinity River Audubon Center, and in the vicinity of the Elm Fork Athletic Complex. DFW Urban Wildlife has a fairly extensive record of feral hog sightings.

And secondly? Those pigs are potentially delicious, a potential that is sadly unrealized so long as they remain on four hooves.

So whoever the city selects for the job will have to address both those things. The first, per the city's bid documents, will involve setting and baiting traps. The second will be accomplished by taking them to "a USDA approved meat processing company."

Now, before you grab your hunting rifle and hop into your helicopter for a city-sponsored pig slaughter, know that the city has very specific requirements for its hog harvester, the biggest of which being that the animals have to be treated humanely at all time. Also, everything is done through baited traps, meaning no guns.

Guess that means Ted Nugent is out.

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