City Says DarkSide's Owner Is Also Hiding Harry Hines "Swingers Club" As a Church

Well, I was looking for something else on the county's website. But this'll do: Moments ago, the City Attorney's Office filed yet another lawsuit against Glenn Hudson -- the same guy the city's going after for operating that underage-sex-illegal-drugs-and-late-night-danceteria on Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel that Hudson and his acolytes keep insisting is a church when it's clearly anything but. OK ... allegedly.

This time, the city's going after Hudson's Harry Hines joint known as the Playground -- which is filled, says one of its websites, with "Over 16,000 Sq Ft of Grown Folks Party Space!" Turns out every Friday night's an Erotic Friday Night, and, promises another Internet invite, "ROBES AND TOWELS ALLOWED ONLY IN VIP AFTER 2AM!" Costs $10 to get in after 11 p.m. if you're a single lady (it's free before then); $50 if you're a dude who's single looking to mingle. And: You need the password to get in. (Swordfish!) That, right there, that sounds like a party. Unless you're the City Attorney's Office, which alleges in its complaint that it's really an "unlicensed sexually oriented business operating under a Certificate of Occupancy for a church, mosque or synagogue," just like DarkSide.

Says the complaint, Dallas Police sent undercover officers in for a look-see, at which point they discovered:

Hudson operates the Playground as a "swingers club," that is, a business that caters to adults, often couples, who wish to engage in random consensual sexual activities on-site with other adults other than their spouses.

Hudson displays pornographic videos on large flat screen televisions and provides topless female dancers as entertainment at the Property to provide sexual stimulation for his customers.

As for that VIP room, the complaint says "[Hudson's] customers have access to beds, complimentary condoms and more pornographic videos." Which is why you need the robes and towels, right? In this case, as with the DarkSide case that awaits an August 3 hearing in front of Judge Emily Tobolowsky, the city's seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the Playground's doors closed.

Incidentally, I see that in the DarkSide proceedings,  in paperwork filed Saturday the Haslet-living Hudson gave his attorney, Grant Walsh, the heave-ho. Doesn't say why.

Update at noon Tuesday: Judge Ken Molberg has signed off on the city's request for a TRO, at least temporarily shuttering the Playground.City of Dallas v Glenn Hudson and the Playground

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