City Warns "Pay Up or Get Locked Up!" Which Must Mean Another Warrant Roundup's Here.

Back in March we tried to get to the bottom of whether or not the city's now-semi-regular warrant roundups actually work. To summarize: yes and no -- yes, because "there's a 33 percent increase of people paying their fines when we do these," said Chief Deputy Marshal Paul Hansen; no, because they're really all about "creating a little fear and making a little money," according to one Dallas PD officer, and by little he means little. So there you have it.

That said, sure, maybe you'd like to look over the Infinite Jest-length list of outstanding warrants and see if perhaps you've got some bidness in need of tending to, either at 106 S. Harwood or at the City of Dallas Marshal's Office at 1600 Chestnut. Roundup kicks off July 30, and, reminds this morning's heads-up:

The City is now participating in the Scofflaw program in which offenders that are delinquent in satisfying their City of Dallas warrants and outstanding citations are subject to a hold being placed on their vehicle registration renewal. In addition, defendants may face arrest as well as a hold being placed on renewal of their driver's licenses.

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