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City's Spending $40 Mil to Build Elm Fork Soccer Complex. Question Is: Who'll Run It?

Speaking of items out for bid by the City o' Dallas ...

Over the summer we noticed that the city was looking for someone to snap up the naming rights to the Elm Fork Athletic Complex off Walnut Hill and Stemmons -- you know, that 138-acre, 20-field soccer complex behind Malibu Grand Prix being paid for with 1998, 2003 and '06 bond money. But it doesn't appear the city found any takers.

That's how I read the latest Elm Fork request for proposals -- this one looking for someone to manage and operate the facility, which would involve securing sponsorships and naming rights. But that's just one bit of the proposal, published at the end of last week on the city's inscrutable bids website. The whole thing follows, of course, but long story short:

To date, the City has allocated approximately $31.4 million in funding for land acquisition and development of EFAC. Phase 1 construction of this complex is currently under construction and consists of 19 soccer fields, three satellite restroom/vending pavilions, parking and drives, loop trail, site utilities, irrigation, landscaping and fencing. The current schedule projections are that the Phase 1 will be ready for play in the fall of 2012. It is anticipated that the components of the master plan that are not built in Phase 1 will be funded in the proposed 2012 Bond Program. ...

The City of Dallas seeks a qualified Operator that will work with the City to manage and operate EFAC as a premier soccer venue that primarily serves Dallas youth and citizens and to market the facility for regional, national and international tournaments -- not exclusively for soccer, but for other sports as well, including rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, cricket and archery. A sampling of the events and tournaments associated with soccer, for which the complex will be an ideal site, include: Dallas Cup, DMSSL Cinco de Mayo Cup, DMSSL Labor Day Tournament, USYS Youth National Championships, Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament, Adidas Showcase Tournament ...
You get the picture. Jump for the what-for. I thinking you'll do an excellent job. No, not you. You.

Elm Fork Athletic Complex Operations Proposal

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