Congressman Steve Stockman Gave an Interview That's Insane, Even for Him

Houston-area House member Steve Stockman never fails to make Unfair Park grateful it's based in DFW rather than anywhere near the congressman's Bayou City fiefdom. The guy has suggested arming infants, walked out of one State of the Union address and invited Ted Nugent to another. He's also raised funds to cover his defunct Senate campaign's debts by disingenuously promising to try to impeach President Obama -- whom Stockman apparently believes is a secret Muslim.

Unfair Park could go on and on. All that he's done is what makes his interview with World Net Daily earlier this month so amazing. If you view Stockman as some sort performance artist, he's clearly taken his work to the next level. If you don't, and you weren't already scared that this guy represents our state at the federal level, you should be terrified now.

Commenting throughout an article by WND's Jerome Corsi, Stockman claims that the current influx of undocumented minors crossing into the United States is the result of a plot by the president to destabilize the U.S. and gain electoral support.

The article claims that, while studying at Columbia, President Obama learned about something called the Cloward-Piven theory -- which is named after Andrew Cloward and Francis Fox Piven of the university. The theory was developed in the '60s as a way to fight poverty. Basically, it calls for overloading the welfare system to create chaos and necessitate a new, more robust welfare system taking its place.

Stockman says the president "is trying to do a Cloward-Piven thing with the border," because it's "an open secret Obama is trying to flood Texas with illegals to make it into a blue state."

"Obama follows all the far-left, Leninist, socialist-type stuff," Stockman told WND.

It is unclear from the interview exactly how undocumented folks who are unable to register to vote would cause a Democratic swing in Texas or which of Obama's center-right policies would make the Bolsheviks proud.

Nevertheless, we're glad Stockman has crystallized the problem for us. It isn't that Honduras has the world's highest murder rate or the escalating violence and crushing poverty of El Salvador and Guatemala that spurs families to send their children unaccompanied to the U.S. Instead, it is, like everything else, the president's fault. At least that's what the guy who got almost 71 percent of the vote in his last election says.

We tried to give Stockman the benefit of the doubt, so we asked his office if the quotes were legitimate. As of yet, the representative's camp hasn't responded. We'll update in this space if they do.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.