Convicted in Cali and On Trial in NYC, Anand Jon's Next Stop Is a Dallas County Courtroom

It's been almost three years since we first told you the sordid story of Anand Jon Alexander, the one-time designer to the stars who came to town promising women, many of them under-age, modeling jobs right before he sexually assaulted them. Women would come forward telling the exact same story to prosecutors in Los Angeles, where he was sentenced to 59 years to life in prison last September after having been convicted of sexual assault in November 2008, and Manhattan, where he's on trial at this very moment.

Alexander continues to maintain his innocence; he also says he's broke and needs the state of New York to provide him with two court-appointed attorneys to fend off charges he sexually assaulted a dozen women in New York. (Prosecutors aren't buying it.) This morning, I called Jamille Bradfield, the public information officer in the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, to find out if he's due in Dallas after New York prosecutors are done with him.

"At this time, we cannot comment on Anand Jon's pending cases in Dallas County," she responded via e-mail this afternoon. "We consider these cases to be active and open and we are awaiting the defendant's arrival following the disposition of his cases in New York." I'll take that as a yes.

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Robert Wilonsky
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