Cop Talk With the Mayoral Foursome

On Monday KERA's BJ Austin asked the four candidates for Dallas mayor: Why you? At which point Mike Rawlings whipped out his wallet, David Kunkle flashed his badge, Ron Natinsky cued up an eight-track cassette and Edward Okpa offered his campaign's catchy catchphrase, "Busboy to Mayor." Today Austin and the Million Dollar Quartet (if, that is, Rawlings is paying) visit a more specific subject: public safety -- and, specifically, do we have enough police officers to protect and serve the city?

Their answers are above (here too for those who just like to read). So, what says Kunkle, the former Dallas Police chief, who's going to get the Latino Police Officers Association's endorsement tonight? "For someone who lives in the city I don't want to have a very large police department if it comes at the expense of not having libraries or parks." Rawlings then offered to give police officers badges made of gold.

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