Couple Who Left Premature Infant in Car During East Dallas Bank Robbery Indicted

Perhaps you recall the recent tale of Inequa Rushing and Waylon McDonald, who, late last month, robbed a bank at East R.L. Thornton Freeway and Grand Avenue -- and left a baby in the backseat, not to mention ID in the parking lot. It merited a brief mention in the regional roundup, but the U.S. Attorney's Office sends word this morning that the couple has been indicted by a federal grand jury for the bank robbery and for conspiracy to commit bank robbery -- two charges that carry max sentences of five years each. The release also provides further details concerning the couple's (alleged) crime(s):

According to the complaint filed in the case, Rushing entered the bank at approximately 1:51 p.m. and approached a teller station. Rushing was on her cell phone at the time. The teller asked Rushing if she could be of assistance and Rushing placed her brown purse and a handwritten note face down on the counter. The teller turned the note over to read it and it stated, "I HAVE A GUN GIVE ME THE MONEY - N- NO ONE WILL GET HURT.. 'HURRY' Bitch!!" The teller removed currency and a dye pack from her drawer and handed it to the suspect. Rushing then put the money in her purse and told the teller not to touch anything. Rushing left the bank with the money and fled in a getaway car driven by Waylon McDonald.

When Dallas Police Officers arrived at the bank, they found Rushing's brown purse in the parking lot, and could see the red dye stained money and assorted identification and personal papers for Inequa Rushing, listing an address in Dallas. They went to that address and spoke to Rushing and McDonald. Rushing told officers that she had robbed the bank and that McDonald had driven her to and from the bank. A search of the residence revealed the wig, clothing, and red dye-stained shoes that Rushing had worn during the robbery. According to evidence presented at their detention hearing, the red dye-pack exploded in the getaway car, spraying noxious fumes and dye. Rushing's four-month-old baby, who was on oxygen because of premature birth, was in the back seat of the getaway car at the time.


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