Criminals: Please Stop Targeting Morning News Reporter Avi Selk. He Rescues Kittens. [Updated]

Not too long ago, The Dallas Morning News promoted Avi Selk from the crime beat to the Irving beat, where he's so far proved himself a more-than-capable chronicler of the bout of mild insanity currently gripping Irving's City Council and school board.

So, things are looking up for Selk professionally. On the home front, however, things have not been so kind. His home, a handsome brick house in Oak Cliff with a latticed front porch, has been burglarized three times in the past two-and-a-half months, most recently on Tuesday when someone broke in via a bathroom window and stole a $500 flat-screen TV. That was the second flat-screen TV Selk has lost. During the first break-in, back in June, burglars took another $500 set, along with video games and other electronics.

An appeal to the thieves' better nature is probably futile. These are hardened criminals who had no apparent qualms about committing a felony in full view of the innocent (and sickeningly adorable) litter of kittens Selk was trying to adopt out.

Nevertheless, we'll give it a try: Criminals, please leave Avi Selk alone. He seems like a good guy -- he rescues kittens for Christ's sake -- and he's been through enough already. So let's cut it out with the break-ins and thefts OK?

We've reached out to Selk with two questions: 1)Has he ever considered moving; and 2) Did he ever adopt out the kittens? We'll update when we hear back.

Updated at 9:40 a.m.: Selk's answers, via email:

1) I've considered it, but that's no way to live. I like this house. I'd rather keep it and relocate the burglars to prison.

2) I adopted out four of the five kittens. I'm trying to find a home for the last one but worry that he will miss the routine of monthly break and enters.

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